Minggu, 14 November 2010

[shared] rails user role system


- ruby script/generate roles Role User

installation will do:

  • Generates habtm table, creates role.rb with the habtm declaration. Adds declaration in user.rb (scans the code for "class User < ActiveRecord::Base", and puts the new code right after it.

  • Creates an admin user in users.yml, with a role named admin in roles.yml, including a fixture to demonstrate how to relate roles to users in roles_users.yml

  • Modify the user.rb (or corresponding user model) file, add the instance method has_role?

  • Generates RoleRequirementSystem against for the corresponding user model.

  • Generates a migration to make the necessary database changes

  • Scans ApplicationController, inserts the lines "include AuthenticatedSystem", and "include RoleRequirementSystem", if not already included.

  • Scans test_helper.rb and adds "includes RoleRequirementTestHelpers", if not already included.

- add require_role "role_name" in controller, similar to before_filter

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